How to Clean a Car Windshield Inside

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Most drivers in Tyler know how to clean the outside of their windshield to gain a clearer view of the road ahead. However, learning how to clean inside car windows like a pro can be a bit trickier than some in %%target_cit_2%% might expect. Before you learn how to clean a car windshield, you need to gather the right supplies. Here at Peters Chevrolet Buick Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat, we often get asked, “Can you use Windex on car windows?” You certainly can, but we encourage you to also grab a microfiber towel and rubbing alcohol to take care of the job. Follow our guide below to learn how to clean inside car windows in your own Marshall garage whether you are driving a new or used model!

How to Clean Inside Car Windows

If you notice that street lights and taillights around you are starting to get fuzzy, you may want to learn how to clean a car windshield on the inside:

  • Start by wiping down the glass with your microfiber cloth. This will remove much of the grime and dirt on your windshield.
  • Spray your glass cleaner directly on to your microfiber towel and wipe down your windshield.
  • Next, apply rubbing alcohol to a fresh microfiber cloth and wipe down the inside of the window, this will eliminate grease that can build up on the glass and will improve visibility.
  • Finish with one more round of glass cleaner to complete the job.

Can You Use Windex on Car Windows?

Asking, “Can you use Windex on car windows?” The answer is a resounding yes! While there is some debate about whether the product is suitable for automotive use, we are here to clean up the confusion. There is no evidence that Windex or other ammonia-based cleaners cause problems for car windows, even when they are tinted. If your windows have been tinted by a third party, you may want to check with them to see if Windex can be used. However, if your windows were tinted at the factory, you can confidently use Windex to clean your car windows inside and out. Pro tip: if you are using Windex inside the car, avoid using it on any surfaces other than the glass, it can discolor your well-appointed interior finishes.

More Car Windshield Cleaning Tips

Still seeing spots and streaks on the inside of your windows? Follow these tips for a professional-level shine:

  • Opt for a microfiber cleaning cloth to eliminate streaks and paper fibers left behind by paper towels.
  • Get your hands on a reach-and-clean tool to get those tricky corner spots clean.
  • To remove the heavy dirt and debris, use a circular motion when wiping with your microfiber cloth. Once you are ready to remove the streaks, use a vertical wiping motion.
  • Follow these steps to bring a new level of shine to all of your interior windows!

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