How to Build a Winter Emergency Car Kit

Car tires on winter road covered with snow

If you’re a Longview or Tyler car-owner, you’re already familiar with the challenges of car travel in wintery weather. To be prepared for anything this winter, it’s a good idea to invest in a winter emergency car kit. An emergency kit can keep you warm if you’re waiting for assistance without heat, or get you back on the road if you encounter minor mechanical issues.

Read on for our guide to building the best car emergency kit possible, and then reach out to the Peters Chevrolet Buick Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat maintenance center for more car-car tips and service specials for Longview drivers. Whether you need to build a winter emergency kit or need help resetting your check engine light, we can help!

Packing an Emergency Tool Kit for Your Car

You have a lot of options when it comes to putting together your winter emergency car kit. Whether you buy a pre-made kit or choose the items individually to build it yourself, here are a few key items that every driver needs for staying safe in Marshall all winter:

  • Battery booster cables — Booster cables are great to have on hand no matter the season, just in case, you wind up with a dead battery. Another option is a portable jump starter, which is easier to use than cables and doesn’t require a charge from another vehicle’s battery, but you’ll need to make sure it stays charged.
  • Ice scraper — Most drivers already keep an ice scraper and snow brush on hand, but it’s worth the investment to get a better quality version that is more efficient to use. Be sure to brush away snow above your windshield so that it doesn’t fall in front of your view while driving. Clear away as much snow from the top and sides of the vehicle as you can, to prevent it from impairing the view of other drivers.
  • Portable shovel — If a full-size snow shovel is too big to keep in the trunk at all times, you can go with a collapsible shovel. You’ll need a shovel when your car wheels have been buried in snow by plows, or to knock away ice and slush that’s preventing you from gaining traction.
  • Kitty litter or sand — Many Marshall drivers swear by keeping a package of kitty litter or sand handy for those times when the surface is too slippery for your wheels to gain traction.

Packing Your Winter Car Safety Kit

Keep in mind that the same bad weather that stranded you can also slow down emergency vehicles. If you’re stranded and in for a long wait, pack the following items to stay warm and comfortable until help arrives:

  • Flashlight – Be sure to include backup batteries.
  • Signaling cone, roadside triangles, reflective vest — Use these items to warn oncoming traffic that you’re stuck on the road.
  • Basic first-aid kit – Pack supplies for attending to cuts, as well as supplies and backup medications for specific health needs.
  • Cell-phone car charger – Being able to fully charge your phone will be crucial for contacting emergency services. It’s also a great idea to keep a portable power bank, in case your car battery dies.
  • Warm, waterproof clothing – Keep a bag packed with items like gloves, hat, boots, a blanket, a rain poncho, cleaning wipes, and rags.
  • Water and snacks – Keep a pack of bottled water and trail mix, in case you’re waiting for a while.

Optimize for Winter with Expert Help from Peters Chevrolet Buick Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat!

Contact the team at Peters Chevrolet Buick Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Fiat of you have further questions on your winter emergency car kit, and to ensure that your antifreeze and transmission fluid levels are all set for winter. You can also learn about what learn what happens if you don’t change your oil or learn about the HomeLink system on your Chevy vehicle. Stop by our service center near Tyler for a winter check-up, or schedule maintenance online! Want to keep your view of the road clearer when navigating tough winter roads? Learn how to clean your car windshield today.

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